Healing with DMSO

The complete guide to safe and natural treatments for managing pain, inflammation, and other chronic ailments with dimethyl sulfoxide

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Healing with DMSO Book by Amandha Vollmer from YumNaturals

About The DMSO Book

Who could imagine that a simple extract from trees could be one of the most powerful healers of all time? It may sound like a tall claim, but once you read about the science of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and the experiences people have had using it, I am sure you will agree.

With my medical training, ability to research, knowledge of chemistry, awareness of the use of holistic medicine, and personal experience—along with designing and producing over a dozen successful DMSO product blends, helping others to use DMSO successfully and receiving their testimonials, and doing research for this book—I feel I am becoming a leading expert on the topic and that it chose me. Life has wonderful ways of bringing you flowers, and DMSO has been that kind of unexpected gift for me.

DMSO is a substance that every person should keep in the home, every parent should have in a first aid kit, and every doctor’s office and hospital should have on hand. However, as you will learn, in North America it is a persecuted drug and I believe that its persecution has been fueled by misinformation, legal suppression, and medical dogma. This book sets out to dispel some of these myths and rumors, and to illuminate concrete facts about this incredible wood extract.

DMSO is a hidden gem. Healing with DMSO book discusses specific applications for the medicinal use of DMSO and provides recipes you can whip up at home

What’s inside


Chapter 1

The Chemistry of DMSO


Chapter 2

DMSO’s Major Actions


Chapter 3

DMSO Precautions


Chapter 4

How to Use DMSO


Chapter 5

DMSO Combinations


Chapter 6

DMSO Recipes


Chapter 7

How to Use DMSO for Our Animal Friends


Chapter 8

FDA-Approved Medical Usages of DMSO

Chapter 6

(Healing with DMSO Introduction)

In preparation to write this book, I bought just about every DMSO book I could find. Not one of them had specific DMSO recipe blends that you could make at home. This chapter, as well as the previous one, discusses DMSO in combination with other natural remedies.

To my knowledge, this is new information about DMSO and not available in any other book or with a simple internet search. Some of the combinations I offer are adaptations, others completely new.

I designed combinations using my knowledge of plants, my chemistry background, my experience formulating medicines, and the personal and professional use of these blends I acquired over many years.

Please respect the wisdom these precious recipes contain. It is my wish that you feel confident enough to use them for any health situation and that this section becomes filled with notes, bookmarks, and dog-ears, a valued book that will be handed down from generation to generation.



Healing with DMSO science-backed guide will help you understand how DMSO works, why it works, and the many ways you can harness its power to heal your aches, pains, and other ailments, all in an easy-to-read and friendly way.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a natural substance that comes from wood, and, when applied topically, can offer a host of pain-relieving benefits. Healing with DMSO will dispel the myths and falsehoods surrounding this substance while presenting the latest research-backed facts on how you can reap DMSO’s many benefits.

From dosages to application methods, you will be presented with all the information needed to find the best and safest method for using DMSO at home. Discover how you can use DMSO to speed your body’s healing process from wounds, burns, and muscle injuries.

Healing with DMSO book will help you understand how you can safely and effectively use DMSO to treat everything from headaches and inflammation to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, all without the use of prescription medication!

Super informative, you can get to whatever you need quickly and it's an easy read for a layperson.


This book will enlighten your mind, body and soul.


As someone without a science background, I find Amandha's explanations of how DMSO works really easy to understand. A great read!


About the author.

Amandha Dawn Vollmer holds a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. 

Most of her life, Amandha has taken a keen interest in botanical medicine, self-educating on the topic many years before attaining her formal medical training. Amandha also sought answers via the energetic healing arts and became a Registered Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, among other modalities.

After much scholarly and independent study, Amandha’s passion for the elegant and effective sub-molecular medicine known as homeopathy brought her to study in India under Rajan Sankaran. Amandha volunteered for intensive medical program in Northern India, shadowing cardiologists, obstetricians, Ayurvedic practitioners and homeopathic doctors alike.

“I have successfully assisted many people and animals, to heal many acute and chronic diseases from early to end stages, with holistic principles.”

Amandha Vollmer

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