Sovran Setup Help

Sovran Shopping Club is a very fast, secure, and private blockchain-based payment system that offers members Lucrative Rewards.

You can signup for your Sovran account, buy Sovran stable Coins and valuable tokens, and use your Sovran login and password to pay with Sovran stable Coins in our store.

For detailed instruction skip Signup Now and read the 3 Steps below.

Get 10% Discount

Sovran Shopping Club and Healing with DMSO store are affiliated to offer private transactions, payments and discounts for all our members.

Signup and receive a minimum of 10% discount on all your Healing with DMSO book purchases.

Sovran Setup Instructions

Follow the 3 steps below to signup for a NEW Sovran Shopping Club private account


SIGNUP FOR your Sovran Shopping Club account

Private Club Membership benefits:
  • Save Money: get a minimum 10% discount on all store purchases forever
  • Shop Privately: enjoy a private worldwide shopping network exclusive to members
  • Free Payments: send and receive money worldwide instantly with zero fees
  • Simple Blockchain: shop easily with simple blockchain-based stable coins and purchase valuable tokens
  • Earn Rewards: introduce friends and earn lucrative rewards from their membership activities

Note: Annual membership cost is $180 USD, Monthly purchase commitment is $25 USD of SSC Tokens

ADVS Sovran Help Signup Part 1a
1a) Signup for your NEW Sovran Shopping Club membership
ADVS Sovran Help Signup Part 1b
1b) Pay for your Sovran membership during signup and check your email for your Login and Password


Login to your Sovran Shopping Club account and deposit funds

Convert dollars into Sovran Coins:
  • Private Coins: convert your dollars into private Sovran Coins (SVC)
  • Private Shopping: use your SVC coins for all your private transactions

Note: Currency conversion available is $100, $250 or $500 USD

ADVS Sovran Help Signup Part 2a
2a) Login to your Sovran eWallet account with your new email and password
ADVS Sovran Help Signup Part 2b
2b) In your eWallet click the “Exchange” button and then the “Buy with Fiat” button to buy Sovran Coins (SVC)


Go to Healing with DMSO Checkout Page and Pay with Sovran Coins

Pay with Sovran Coins to get an automatic 10% Discount:
  • Checkout and Pay: Visit your shopping cart and pay with Sovran Coins (SVC)

Note: All purchases will receive an automatic discount – see purchase receipt emails for details

ADVS Sovran Help Signup Part 3a
3a) Add Healing with DMSO Book to your Cart
ADVS Sovran Help Signup Part 3b
3b) Select Pay with “Sovran Shopping Club” at checkout and use your Sovran eWallet login for payment

Sovran Private Club Benefits

There are many benefit to being an Active Member of the Sovran Shopping Club

Residual Rewards

Login to Your Sovran Shopping Club Residual Rewards Page

Earn lucrative rewards by inviting other members to Sovran:
  • Invite and Earn: Receive a minimum of $25 USD for each member that you signup
  • Earn Residual Rewards: Receive monthly residual rewards on all qualified members within your group
  • Gain Value: Sovran Shopping Club tokens (SSC) may appreciate in value (see Tokenomics in the Compensation Plan)

Note: Once you have your Sovran Account, our team must Activate the account before you can login to your Residual Rewards

ADVS Sovran Residual Rewards Benefit


Login to Your Sovran eWallet to Manage your Funds

Send and Receive funds worldwide within a few seconds for free and without a fee:
  • Get Stable Coins: Convert your own funds into Sovran Stable Coins (SVC) 
  • Get 2 Tokens: Convert your own funds into Sovran Shopping Club tokens (SSC) or Sovran tokens (SVN)
  • Transfer Funds: Send, Receive or Convert your Sovran Stable Coins (SVC) anywhere in the world
  • Shop Privately: Use your Sovran login credentials to purchase discounted goods and services worldwide

Note: All Sovran transactions are private and anonymous between Sovran Members and Sovran Merchants

ADVS Sovran Residual Rewards Benefit

Merchant Services

Login to Your Sovran Merchant Services PAge

Sell or promote your own goods and services for free:
  • Become a Merchant: Create a free Merchant page to sell your goods and services to other members 
  • Shop for Discounts: Get discounts from other Sovran members / merchants (minimum 10%)
  • Private Commerce: All worldwide Sovran transactions are private and anonymous between members and merchants 

Note: To Activate your Merchant page you must login to your Residual Rewards Profile and click Activate Merchant Account

ADVS Sovran Merchant Services Benefit

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